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Where can I get extended car warranty?

Warranty contracts are offered by the automobile dealer and cover standard parts and accessories. You can also buy extended car warranty for additional coverage with an extended time limit.

How much do extended car warranties cost?

The cost of extended car warranties will differ depending on the service provider and the type of extended warranty they are offering. Terms of warranty will differ accordingly.

What is all covered under car warranty?

Most of the car parts and additional accessories will be covered under a standard car warranty contract. Extended car warranty includes additional services and coverage.

What is the average price usually paid for an extended car warranty?

The average cost for an extended car warranty can be around $1800 with a good plan and after sale services. The prices differ from policy to policy and are usually determined based on factors such as the type of car, age, and mileage, deductible amount and location.

What is the difference between car warranty and extended car warranty?

While basic car warranty is included in the purchase price and insurance coverage, extended warranty is to be paid for separately with the same insurance or with a third party coverage provider.

Can extended warranties on new cars be canceled?

Extended warranties on new cars can be canceled if your contract says so. While some contracts offer a pro-rated or partial refund with respect to the time and distance driven, there are some that offer refunds or outright cancellation, provided the cancellation is made within 30 days of purchase. The process, although simple, may take longer to pr