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Which are the top sites to order delicious meal kit from?

Blue Apron, Purple Carrot and PeachDish are the top sites to order meal kit from. They deliver delicious cuisines that are prepared with fresh ingredients, from the scratch.

Why is the concept of meal delivery gaining popularity?

The concept of meal delivery is gaining popularity because of various factors like fast paced life, laid back attitude of the new generation, and the irresistible marketing gimmicks.

Can a person track his order in real-time?

The best food delivery apps offer live real-time GPS tracking so that you know exactly where your food is and when it will get to you. You should be able to easily access your order status by entering your order ID. You must also look for an app that has the option to chat with customer support in case of any delays.

How can one know whether an app delivers to their area?

There are many delivery apps that deliver only within the continental region of the country, excluding Hawaii and Alaska. Hence, before you download any app, you might want to check if it is serviceable in your area. In case they do deliver, check for the promised delivery times to pick the fastest and most efficient one.

How many restaurants can you choose from?

If you like experimenting with food and trying new cuisines, look for an app that offers a wide selection and partners with a variety of restaurants to cater to every taste. To enhance your ordering process, the app must have clear and straightforward menus and easy filtering options such as searching for restaurants by cuisine and location.

What Do Meal-Kit Delivery Services Have in Common?

Once your boxes start arriving, you need to have just a few ingredients and tools on hand. Typically you need cooking oil, salt and pepper, and maybe eggs, as well as basic cooking tools (pots and pans, kitchen knives, a grater, and so on). Everything else is supplied.