Different remedies to treat under eye bags

Different remedies to treat under eye bags

Under eye bags also known as under eye puffiness or infraorbital edema is often the result of the collection of fluid in the tissues that surround the delicate eye area. The retention of fluid is caused due to a number of factors such as lack of sleep, certain allergies, excessive intake of alcohol of salt, thyroid disease, medical conditions that affect the liver or kidneys, smoking, amongst others. Some dermatologists also consider the under-eye bags a result of hormonal imbalances and genetic inheritance. Hence, the best way to treat under eye bag is to lead a healthy life and change in certain lifestyle habits that directly or indirectly affects the under-eye areas.

So, a person with the under-eye puffiness should get sound and adequate sleep that will help provide rest to the tissues under the eye. Secondly, minimizing the intake of salt and alcohol can help in a great way to reduce the under-eye bags as consumption of alcohol affects the liver which again affects the under-eye area. There are some extreme cases where the fat pad, which protects the eye socket herniates or shifts from its actual position and this causes the puffiness under the eyes. This particular condition can be ultimately treated through blepharoplasty, which is a treatment where these under-eye bags are surgically removed.

Surgery is a permanent solution and some people also benefit from surgical removal of the under-eye skin. And if a person is looking to maintain the under-eye area then it is very important to ensure that he or she is leading a healthy life along with healthy eating habits and adequate sleep. Some people do use anti-aging creams and gels to suppress the swelling but these do not last longer.

Some people also consider keeping tea bags on the eyes and under the eyes to reduce the puffiness. This home remedy does help to minimize the under-eye bags but is only a temporary solution. They happen to cause vasoconstriction, which lessens the fluid amount in the under-eye area and reduces the swelling.
One can also consider consulting a dermatologist for non-surgical treatments. Although there is no such assured treatment but some doctor recommended under-eye creams can help if used at the right time. Moreover, dermal fillers are another non-surgical way of treating under-eye bags. Dermal fillers are gels made of hyaluronic acid, which helps in restoring the lost volume to the facial tissue.

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