Fancy techniques that make baking a delightful experience

Fancy techniques that make baking a delightful experience

Desserts are a weak point in all our lives. However, at times, baking can become a tedious process. Incorporating techniques that reduce your work, or enabling less manpower, can be a boon when you must bake for a special occasion. Here are two baking methods that make those desserts yummy and easy to handle.

Melting method

A dense and moist cake, is always a delight to our taste buds. An easy and fast method of baking cakes by using the melting technique, often gives you some lip-smacking desserts. Fruit cakes and, our all-time favorite, ginger breads are also made through this method. The process begins by melting butter or any other form of fat. Next, the the eggs are added after which the dry ingredients are mixed. Baking powder or soda are essential ingredients when baking a cake using this method, because whisking isn’t possible. The precautions you need to take would be to ensure that you don’t overdevelop the gluten or over mix the mixture of your cake, it will only be dry and hard. This isn’t a tough method, and can be used often since it won’t harm your cake too much. To make a delicious gingerbread bundt you need to add butter, and sugar syrup in a pan, then mix in the dry items, fold the two until smooth.

Rubbing in method

Skill is something baking surely needs. A light touch coupled with that skill would make you master this method. Your fingers are your best tools for this method, where you rub butter in the flour and break those pieces well. This will create a sand-like texture and make crumbs. A bit of liquid and sugar is added to make it like any other dough. Like with dough, when you know the liquid is combined well, you will need to stop, it’s the same with this method. Once you’ve made it, you can create shapes that suit you best or your recipe and work with it gently. Pastries and scones use this method and so do crumble toppings. Sweet potato Scone, one dish we all love, uses this as a standard technique to bake. This technique can make the scone soft and moist, which makes it taste a whole lot better. Precautions in this method would be to not add way too much water, else the dough will be runny, and even sticky, which will make it hard to work with.

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