Five different styles of mannequins you can buy

Five different styles of mannequins you can buy

Mannequins have been used for centuries, with the oldest ones dating back to the 15th century, designed specially to display fashion. Today, with modern technology and materials, these mannequins can be designed to mimic any form and present fashionable merchandise in a more appealing manner. Here are a few types of figures you can purchase in the market.

If you are willing to spend a few extra dollars on artificial models and accessories to showcase your merchandise, you can opt for the ones that look like humans with all physical aspects. These black display mannequins also come fitted with wigs and are available in different styles and shades of color. You can purchase these mannequins as per your requirement. Note that realistic models will be more expensive in comparison to traditional plastic mold forms.

Abstract forms
While they may not necessarily look realistic, abstract mannequins are widely used in malls and departmental stores. They are easy to assemble and can fit all kinds of fashion apparel and accessories because of their simplified design. Abstract forms cost a little less and come with adjustable arms. You can choose from a variety of different styles.

Headless mannequins
Sporting good stores usually prefer to use headless mannequins as most of the merchandise is designed for arms, body, and legs display. These forms can be adjusted to mimic the action of a particular sport to make it look more attractive. You can also get black display mannequins without the headgear for a reasonable price.

Flexible forms
Usually made with some form of silicone moldable plastic, flexible black display mannequins are a more premium option. These multipurpose mannequins come with a glossy finish. Multiple hinges and joints allow you to replicate the human body and pose the mannequin in whichever style you prefer, depending on the type of merchandise you want to display. Adjustable flexible forms are the most expensive ones you can buy, costing almost twice of what you would pay for an abstract or headless form.

Plus-size and pregnant mannequins
Attention to detail is possible with these forms as you can display specific fashion or merchandise designed for a particular purpose. For example, it would be possible to display 4XL and 5XL t-shirts or jeans on a plus-size mannequin. Also, pregnancy goods outlets can display stretchy pants or other pregnancy-friendly fashion on these realistic-looking mannequins to mimic how the merchandise would look.

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