How to keep your home allergy-free

How to keep your home allergy-free

It is important to understand the necessity of cleanliness above everything else. An unclean environment can lead you to have various kinds of consequences, the most common discomfort being allergy. Dust and dirt have a connection with diseases and allergies since time immemorial. A simple dust allergy can lead you to have further chained results if not taken care of immediately. If you are suffering from congestion, incessant sneezing, kin irritations, red eyes, itchiness, asthma, etc., it is high time for you to get started with extensive home cleaning procedures.

Before getting started, wear a mask to prevent yourself from the entry of allergens and dust particles. If you already have allergic reactions, don’t even try to touch your mop or vacuum cleaner without wearing a mask.

Rely on machines for a better quality of cleaning
Needless to mention that you would need to clean your house regularly and not once in a week. Besides, you would need machines for more efficient cleaning like vacuum cleaners, mopping machines, washing machines, etc. Make sure your vacuum cleaner has HEPA filter because with ordinary filters, a wide range of allergens escape from being entrapped. As a result, when you use the cleaner, you just suck them off the surface and shoot them somewhere else in the air. HEPA filter takes better care of such allergens and helps you have an allergen-free environment.

How to keep your home allergy-free
While cleaning your toilet and kitchen, be extra cautious about the growing of molds. Take time to scrub them off and clean the corners properly to get rid of unwanted molds causing allergies. Dishes should be cleaned with dish washing liquids or any other good disinfectant, which would kill the germs off.
For washing garments, use hot water instead of normal tap water as this would ensure germ-free clothes, and this is very important from the medical point of view, if you have allergic issues.

Try using a wet mop while mopping off the floors because this will trap the allergens. Also, use strong disinfectants to kill the germs causing nose and eye irritations. You may also use an air purifier to have a healthy atmosphere around you.

For patients suffering from allergies, it is better to bid your carpets and rugs goodbye. Carpets or rugs are the major sites for allergens to inhabit and it gets very hard for you to make sure that your carpet is dust-free because of the presence of millions of minute granules. For this reason, you may stick to floor tiles, marble, or a wooden floor. Cleaning these would be easier, hence you will have lesser risks of developing allergies.

Some people are allergic to room fresheners or any of such fragrances. If you are one of them, don’t use them. Instead, use fresh flowers and put them in a vase at the corner of your room. This will give you a natural freshness and won’t trigger your allergic reactions.

Wash your pillow covers in every 4 days and fluff them to remove the dust. Clean your couch should with a vacuum cleaner as it is another favorite site for the allergens to grow in.

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